GRE Overview

The Graduate Record Examination is a pre requisite test for the admission into most of the schools in the United States and other parts of the world irrespective of their specializations. This test consists of Analytical writing assessment, quantitative and verbal reasoning.  The quantitative and verbal tests are scored on a scale of 130-170 each, in 1 point increments. The writing section of AWA is scored on a scale of 0-6, in half point increments.

Check for GRE test fee. You can choose 4 universities free of cost to report your scores. Additional score report costs extra.

This test is A Computer based (CBT) and scores are valid for 5 years. You can take the test only once every 21 days and not more than five times in a one year. GRE test is accepted by more than 500 business schools all over the world (including top schools like MIT, Wharton, Harvard, INsead, etc., for MBA).


Test Pattern


# of Questions



Total Score

AWA (Analytical Writing Assessment)

2 separately timed tasks (Issue/Argument)

30 Minutes per Task

0-6 in half-point increment

260-340 (1 point increment)

Verbal Reasoning

20 questions per section (Sentence Equivalence, Text Completion & Reading Comprehension

30 Minutes per section

130-170 in one point increment

Quantitative reasoning

20 question per section (Quantitative Comparison, Problem-Solving, Numeric Entry & Data Interpretation)

35 Minutes per section

130-170 in one point increment

Unidentified, unscored (Position Varies)



_ _ _ _

Research, identified (At the end of the test)



_ _ _ _

10-minutes break after the third section

1-minute break after every section

Total testing time – 3hours 40 minutes


Test Registration fee


Score can be reported to 4 schools after the completion of the test

Additional  score reporting fee

$27 per school

To register for the test, logon to

Accepted Id

Passport only