National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) was set up in 1986 under the aegis of Ministry of Textiles and is an Institute  of Design, management and technology for the international fashion business.


Charles Fredrick Worth, the Father of Haute Couture initiated the art of designing one’ s inner self by reflecting it on the mortal figure through his mesmerizing work, produced in Paris.

Fashion Designing is the glamorous art of redefining oneself. It is the apt blend of clothes and accessories which flows from heaven to the soul. Its decide the people look at you and you feel about yourself. It brings out one’s real self by  unleashing the life and energy in the apparel.

Some designers create design on the paper while other dress a mannequin with fabric but instructors at PRIME bluff imagination to make it real. With ambition, determination, fascinating imagination and a little help from PRIME, anyone can succeed in the highly competitive and ever appealing profession.


From the medieval period to the era of modernization, fashion designing has left incredible footprints in the mind of the people . The need to perfect one\'s look is what makes this avenue growing successful. You can be sure to have an interesting and lucrative career if you opt to study fashion be it today or many year hence.


If you can sew the colours of your artistry on the garments of your fantasy and can transform your thoughts into reality, fashion designing is what you are made for.

To become a fashion designer, two skills are necessary : Natural ( Includes decent aesthetic sense, expertise in choosing and combining colour, good taste and knowledge of fashion trends. An eye for details, knowledge of fabrics will get you a long way ahead of others in the field ) and acquired ( Includes a qualification from a reputed fashion School)


Fashion designing is one of the most lucrative, appealing, glamorous and exciting career options in today’s world. If you have a penchant for creativity, style and originality, a career in fashion designing is the one tailor made for you.

It’s a huge industry and there are a multitude of jobs available. You can find one to suit your temperament and talents.

Fashion Designer:  being in tune with the currents trends and forecast and coming up with your own collection which is a reflection of your own identity.

Fashion Merchandising/ Sales and Marketing: This is where design and business intersect. Designer ultimately need to get their product to the market. Merchandisers track and monitor fashion trends and consumer trends.

Production Management: This job is at the front line of fashion. Production managers are responsible for getting textiles and clothing made at the manufacturing level. They work with suppliers and retailers to make sure of quality productions.

Styling: There are specialty degrees at art and fashion schools specifically for visual presentation. Designing a garment is not the ultimate end. Styling needs to be done with appropriate accessories or any other add-ons and teaming the ensemble well.

Public Relation: PR is the middle man between a product and a retailer or consumer. PR reps are in charge of keeping a brand’s image squeaky clean and marking sure people are talking about it. Their job is to make a brand seem appealing.

Fashion Journalist/ Fashion Critic: Love to write and fashion? The opportunities to report and weight in on what’s happening in the worlds of fashion have never been greater. Magazines are expanding their online presence and hiring bloggers to report up-to-the-minute news. You can also write for e-commerce sites, PR firms, or trade publications.

“Fashion Fades, Only Style Remains the Same”